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How it started

Touchdown Memorial Home for Horses is a charity that provides rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming for horses and ponies in need.

We take in horses and ponies who have a genuine need. This may be due to injury or illness, old age, behavioural issues or genuine hardship of the previous owner such as bereavement.  They may be any age, height or breed. Meet our Equines.♥

We started in 1998 in Shropshire. Previous to that we lived in Hampshire where we kept our horses at livery. In Shropshire where we converted a derelict farm into an ideal yard with indoor and outdoor school and American barn stabling for ten.

Moving on to Scotland we converted a greenfield site into a sophisticated equestrian centre with a dedicated team of employees, trustees and volunteers and excellent facilities. Also see New build – Indoor Arena.

The mission of the charity is to educate to achieve our vision that all horses and ponies shall have lives of high quality. 

Frances & Brian Davies

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