The Blue Unicorn sessions are aimed for children who like to learn the basics of how take care of a pony or horse, their health including stable management.

Due to Covid-19 we have to set up a different approach and the best way forward is having one to one sessions and separate video learning sessions. We are working hard to realise this.

Normally there are 6 session to :

  1. Safe handling of pony: catching, leading, tying
    Points of the Pony
    Horse and Pony Breeds
    Pony Agility
  2. Grooming
    Pony Agility
  3. Digestive System
  4. Illness and First Aid
  5. Lunging and exercise
  6. Field and stable care and a small test at the end

However the set up may change. We will keep you up to date, please follow us on Facebook for the latest announcements.

In the meantime you can support the Blue Unicorns and purchase a handmade Blue Unicorn toy. You can email for more information regarding Mr Blue.