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May 2021, a new Welsh Section C pony came to Touchdown MHH; Rodney 10 years old and seen already 10 homes in his young life. He will be joining Sasha and Ciara in the horse weight watch club while being cubby and showing signs of laminitis. He will be kept stabled for a few weeks to loose some weight and control his intake of our yummy grass.

June 2021, Rodney is slowly losing weight, however still has very sore feet and lies down a lot. He is getting Danilone and Lamipro for the pain. We also now found out that his front hooves are rotated.


For about 15 years, Lauder served on the frontline of crowd-control operations in Glasgow – regularly policing some of the city’s biggest football matches.

We were told that he was quite popular with the fans who came in wheelchairs and they often brought him sweets. We know he likes water melon.

We haven’t had a police horse before. It was the police who approached us because they had heard about our work, we’re delighted they think this will be a good home for Lauder. However, now he has arrived at our charity to provide support for others alongside our other retired racehorses and showjumpers.

Laurel will be working for our charity in several project such as The Countrymen Club as well in other sessions to provide skills for those who have been unemployed for long periods and have barriers to securing jobs.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see Lauder settling in, he is already friends with Donnay and is as good as gold in his stable and in the field. He is getting used to stand at the gate by 4pm to get from the field into the stable, while he is easy to recognise from a distance with his height and posture.

We love having you here Lauder


Hello to my fans everywhere

My name is Hunthill Finn. I am a Fell pony : a very rare breed : there are only a few hundred of us in the country; the same as the ponies driven by the late Duke of Edinburgh. I am black as we all are. I am 13 hands high. I have been very happy in my old home for many years but my old mum couldn’t look after me due to poor health so I came here to Touchdown memorial Home for Horses. I was peeing a lot and drinking a lot; I had a long curly coat which I did not shed in the Spring; I was sweating a lot; I was very thin but prone to laminitis. The nice lady vet said I had Pars Pituitary Intermediary Disorder: PPID or Cushings. I was put on a tablet of Prascend a day then had more blood tests for which I was very good. I am now on two Prascend tablets a day and beginning to feel a lot better. I am drinking and peeing less and sweating less. I have put on weight. My feet have been X rayed and there is some sinking and rotation but not much. I have had several baths and had my mane and tail trimmed. As a Fell pony I am supposed to be kept natural but I needed that trim! I have started going for little walks with the volunteers here at Touchdown Memorial Home for Horses. They are feeding me Safe and Sound which I am now eating and I am beginning to eat apples and carrots as well as usual pears. I am very suspicious of new food so they call me Fusspot Finn. I like my haylage in my small hole net. I love my new friends especially Rodney who is a pony like me but who has laminitis and has to stay indoors. I stand at my gate watching him in the stables. When I am better I can take part in Blue Unicorns with the children and be groomed, do pony agility and teach the children about horse health and first aid. I have seen Sasha having the digestive system painted into her: I can do that. I am looking forward to the Open Day where I shall joint the parade and the Christmas Show where I may enter the Thelwell class if my new mum stops trimming my mane! I am waiting for the dentist to come and attend to teeth so I can chew and digest my food better. Looking forward to seeing you all at the open day onw 02/10/21 and Christmas show.


My official name is CHARDONNAY. ching ching. I am a bay Belgian warmblood gelding 16.3 hands high. I was an event horse and have beautiful action still.  I was a successful eventer but incurred stifle injury so can no longer compete. I enjoy groundwork and the agility course. I think I am the boss of the herd but the mares are probably really in charge.  I love my food and my bed.


This handsome warmblood is Louie and 17.2 hands high

His story will follow while he just come to Touchdown in September 2021.

Angaric but they call me Dave

I am a champion racehorse. I am a liver chestnut Thoroughbred gelding (neutered male). I started racing when I was just one year old and still a baby. I won many races and championships. I preferred going anticlockwise and still do: it is much more sensible. After I finished racing I trained the trainee jockeys, stable lads and lasses. I loved racing life: the routine, the excitement, the attention and the people. I did find my tummy became sore especially when my girth was tightened. Like Phar Lap I have a big heart and my girth was very tight on me. My high energy diet and stabled life made it worse. They said I had stomach ulcers. I was very sad to leave the racing yard but even I was impressed by the big lorry full of lights which took me North. I was not impressed by having a sticker on my bottom saying “Thirsk to Keith”. It was beneath my dignity. I arrived here which they said was a charity and that I could rest here and not race. I did not understand: I am a racehorse and I race. The sun was shining and I lived in a field with other horses. I seemed to be expected to eat the turf. They were not sensible: haylage and feed is for eating: turf is for racing!  They wanted me to wear a rug that covered me. It was very annoying.  Worst of all they kept hugging and kissing me and telling me I was beautiful. I know I am beautiful but please…leave me alone! I am a professional athlete, not a pet! Then they took me in a round pen and suggested I walk round in circles. I asked them what on earth was the point of that. They said it is what horses do. I was not convinced. After many years I decided it might not be too bad and might even be fun. I now walk, trot and canter on both reins on the lunge and long reins and jump cavaletti. I am ridden in the school and am generally well behaved. I have not yet been out on a hack (country ride) but I am sure I shall not find that hard as I am used to going out in a string. My tummy still hurt and it often made me grumpy as I was in a lot of pain. I had blood tests for which I was of course very good. I was prescribed Peptizole which is a medicine similar to that used for stomach ulcers in humans. The difference being that for humans it is free at point of use; for horses like me it costs £30 per day. I had this for a few months and felt a lot happier;  and am now on Limestone Flour as an antacid. I like mints, herbal treats, my feed and to some extent my horse friends. I like people on my own terms. I am a total professional and am always good for the vet, dentist, farrier and others. I have been there and done that and am not easily fazed. P.s. See me in the P&J article in News and I am available for loan.


I am a dark bay light cob mare, and 15 hands high. I was a showjumper but had some injuries so cannot do much now but enjoy doing the agility course and working with the trainees. I moved to Touchdown since early 2018 with my buddy Astra, however she died due to grass sickness and couldn’t be saved despites all our efforts. I do find good company in Dave despite his grumpiness.


My name is Volante (Sydney) however we call you Cyd.

I am a bay Dutch Warmblood mare, 16 hands and 2 inches high. I was born near Aberdeen and went to be a show jumper but I injured myself in the field. Despite all the best efforts I did not recover so although I am field sound I cannot be ridden again. I came here in October 2018 and settled in quickly. I want to be lead mare but I do not know where I am going. I am always interested in everything that is happening. I like doing the agility course and am learning to stand in the hoop.


My name is Sasha and I am the mummy of the herd. I count all my babies in every night ( I can count). If one is missing I make a big fuss. My babies should all be in one place together.  I was a show jumper in Dundee but I became lame when working although I am fine in the field. I have borderline Equine Metabolic Disorder which is similar to diabetes in humans and makes it very difficult for me to keep my weight down. I have smaller portions than everyone else.  I am a blue roan: white with lovely blue spots. I am part Thoroughbred.


My name is Lydia. I am thirtythree years old so am the oldest horse on the yard. I am a bay Thoroughbred mare. I was an event horse in Lancashire but was injured while being hobbled. Hobbling is a method of restraint used by cowboys and trail riders to allow horses to graze at night but not run off. Used correctly it is not harmful but it is not suitable for Thoroughbred event horses. I love my long retirement which has now lasted twentythree years. I moved up from the old yard in Shropshire in a three day journey during which I walked onto the lorry like a professional,  I can still be lunged and do the agility course which I enjoy. I have borderline PPID and have to watch my diet. I have flat feet and am prone to abscesses.  I was very prone to colic but have overcome this although I am still very loose if stabled. I have no teeth and eat too quickly so am prone to choke where food becomes stuck in my oesophagus. I have had to be stomach tubed twice.  I have stomach ulcers so do not like my rug being fastened at all; it is very painful for me so I bit it and bite my wall and door. Come and say hello.


My racing name is Swinging Sarah; in the stable I am called Tango. I am a chestnut Thoroughbred mare , an ex racehorse, 16.1.hands high. After I finished racing I had three foals. I then went on to be a riding club horse before I came here. I am very well behaved and am good in the school and on a hack. I am starting to be stiff in my hind legs as I grow older. I do not like pressure on my head. I cannot quite remember why: maybe I had a fall or maybe someone made me do something by holding down my head: in any case it frightens me and I will fight it. If I am held loosely I am quite happy. I have some problems with my mouth at the moment: I have had the dentist and the vet attend to it and have had antibiotics and am slowly better. I have been on loan twice where I made lovely friends but am now back here.


My name is Reaping: my mother’s name is Cut Corn. I am a bay Thoroughbred mare and am an ex racehorse. I have long legs like a supermodel and am very beautiful. I have to bend my legs to reach the grass, like a giraffe or a foal. As I started work so long and was not allowed to be a baby I am still a baby in a lot of ways. I started racing young and the stable lads loved me as I love people and a fussing. I was not fast enough for racing however and had to find a new home and career aged four, an age when most horses are just starting work and education. I came to Touchdown Memorial Home for Horses and found it all very strange and frightening, There was a horse called Dave who came a few weeks before me and was very wise and showed me that it was OK and I would not be hurt. I love Dave. I soon learnt to lunge and long rein although I like to do so as fast as possible! I was soon being ridden by girls and women. I am more confident under saddle then in the stable and I loved it. I have even been out on a couple of hacks up to the wind turbines. Last year I hurt my foot so had some downtime but I am better now and enjoying working again. I love back rubs and grooming. When I first came here I did not know what apples and carrots were and that I could eat them but now I love them as well as mints and herbal treats and my apple flavoured salt lick. I always look as if I am too busy walking round my stable to eat but I have finished before anyone else.


Roisin is quite a lady with her beautiful blue eyes and lot of lovely feather. Being a piebald Irish cob of 14 years old and16 hands high and just as wide. (Coz I would never write this about myself of course). I was born in the Republic of Ireland and came over to Scotland when I was four years old. I arrived at Touchdown when I was five. I am good in the school under my treeless saddle and I enjoy wearing my full (bright red) harness for carriage driving. I had three sarcoids last year. Two were successfully treated with Liverpool cream and came off cleanly. One could not be treated with Liverpool cream so we used Sarc-ex herbs and ARC equine microcurrent. The remaining sarcoid came off, meaning I did not need to go to hospital in Edinburgh for an operation, so I am very happy. I have sweet itch for which I wear my Boett rug and I am bathed daily and coated in repellents and neem oil. I have been on loan which I enjoyed and am ready to go on loan again. I am very calm but I have a mind of my own!

Fox that’s Mr Fox for you

I am a liver chestnut and the tallest of them all with 17 hands high, gelding and a Thoroughbred cross. With my age of nineteen years old and I have developed arthritis, while I used to be a showjumper.  Last year I had a bad abscess in my back foot and had to have a new poultice every day and special shoes. I have now recovered but am still stiff. I am very gently and my coat shines very nicely due to the good food and the grooms at Touchdown MHH. Thank you boys and girls.

Our dear fox passed away in May 2021


Unfortunately Walter is no longer with us anymore, he passed away on the 8th of October 2020 after being our only pony who was so patient with our Blue Unicorn Project. We had a lovely service on the 2nd of November and is buried at our Memorial grounds up the hill. We miss you Walter.

My name is Just Walter and I was the smallest pony in the yard but I am part of the gang of big horses which makes me happy. I am twenty six years old, a Welsh Mountain pony gelding and am a strawberry roan. I am very beautiful and was a champion Working Hunter Pony.

I have PPID which means my pituitary gland is too big and my hormones are confused. This makes me prone to laminitis so my feet have to be trimmed regularly and I have to have a low sugar diet but I am underweight so need energy: just not sugar. I have no teeth so cannot eat haylage but I like having some in my manger to look at and dunk in my water bucket.    

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