Time for a new feature; Meet the crew 2020

We start off with Mel our yard manager at Touchdown MHH.

“When I was 18, I started work at Grange Riding Centre until it closed in 2008 then I taught at the Cabin for a year until I found out I was pregnant in mid 2009.

I started at Touchdown in 2019, I have 2 kids and a stepson and live with my partner. Getting this job was a dream of mine and I always wanted to help horses in need.

Interesting facts about me:

1) I was a finalist in the British Equestrian Federation groom award in 2006. I didn’t get placed but did get a special mention. The winner was William Fox-Pitt’s groom, Jackie Potts and in 3rd Place was Zara Phillips groom, Catherine Owen

2) As well as having 2 horses (my oldest and first horse pictured below on FB) I also have chickens. I love chickens. I have just under 30 🙈. If money was no object I have loads of horses and thousands of chickens 😂😂.

3) I was diagnosed with crohns disease 2 1/2 years ago. I’m in remission but some days I am completely drained of energy.

So that’s a wee bit more about me.”

Below you can slide the pictures to see my by day with the chickens or with my horse 🙂

Mel keep us up to date with the daily adventures on the farm and the horses via Facebook and Instagram. Please follow us to the latest posts.

Some pictures from Instagram: