Touchdown Memorial Home for Horses is investing in a new Indoor Arena. You will find the time line below of planning permissions, building standard approvals and Covid-19 in between. You will find the latest updates on this page of this large project.

September 2021, We an finally see that build has started, after waiting shuffling sand and more sand and the concrete to dry for another two weeks.

We can say it starts to look like a Building, we have added the latest photos of the progress on the new build Indoor Arena below.

Some slight delay due to shortage of construction materials so the workman have a wee break.

Join our Christmas show 04/12/2021 to admire our new indoor arena and to get more information about our facility. ( It should be ready by then )!

January 2021

Snow snow and more snow, the winter has been very hard this year, and we were snowed in for 5 days, the snow drifts at the end made it impossible to come up to the farm. The truck who did come up with roof of the new indoor arena got stuck and just managed to drop off the pallets with the roof.

However we are preparing the site for the indoor school after the Covid restrictions are lifted and we can work on the foundations. The rest of the indoor arena will be delivered in March and ready for construction in June 2021 by our regular contractor McLaren.

November 2020

No more stopping now, we have building standards permission so our indoor area is all go and will be constructed at Robinsons for delivery in February 2021.

Our regular contractor McLaren will work on the foundations beforehand.

August 2020

Finally the digger was allowed on site to dig the extra 4 test holes for our building standards, one of them was about 3 meters deep until the hard core.

April 2020

The planning permission for our Indoor Arena has been approved, however we have to dig some extra holes for the Building Standards. Due to Covid-19 we are unable to hire a digger so we have to wait until the lockdown lifts.


Back in 2017 the idea of an Indoor Arena back started to finalise and our architect designed the indoor arena, and approved by our board of trustees


The café is part of this project so you can enjoy a refreshment with some homemade bakes and view the activities in the indoor area.

This space will be used for our social activities e.g. Countrymen’s club so that the gentleman can enjoy the indoors with coffee after having their outside activities.